4 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online


4 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

Clean out your closet and make some quick cash!

4 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

Selling your old clothes online has never been easier. With so many outlets to sell your clothing from general auction sites like eBay to specific clothing retailers like ThredUP, Tradesy, and Poshmark, the best place to sell clothes online depends on your product and the site's needs. The top sites for selling your designer-brand clothes are below including information on how to sell on that site and how much you'll make on your items. 

Whether you're looking to make some extra cash or just want to clean out your closet, these sites will help you reduce your clutter while filling your wallet.

1. ThredUP

ThredUP is the world's largest online marketplace to buy and sell women's and children's secondhand clothing. Selling with ThredUp could not be easier as you order and fill a "Clean-Out Kit" from their website and ship it free of charge. ThredUP conducts a 12-point inspection on every item they receive and will sell any item that passes the inspection.

What Does ThredUP Accept? Women's clothing, children's clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and accessories

How Do I Sell Clothes Through ThredUP? Order a free clean-out kit and ship it back full of items to sell.

What Are the Selling Requirements? Every item must be freshly washed, less than five years old, free of tears, stains, or rips, in excellent condition, and from a name brand.

How Are My Items Sold? There are three ways for your items to be sold on ThredUP.

  1. Upfront Payout Items. These items are in high demand, and you'll receive payment for them as soon as they are processed.
  2. Consignment Items. These items take longer to sell. You'll be paid for these items as soon as they are sold.
  3. Luxe Items.  Luxury items will yield you an extra 10% of profit and are sold like consignment items. You can adjust their prices at any time.

How Do I Get Paid? ThredUP will pay you for your items in ThredUP credit, a VISA Prepaid card, or through Paypal.

ThredUP Tidbits:

  1. ThredUP takes a 20% processing fee from the resale value.
  2. You can use their free payout estimator to view what you may make from an item before sending it to ThredUP.
  3. Items that do not pass the 12-point inspection will be donated to charity or you can have them sent back to you for a flat rate of $10.99.


2. Tradesy

Tradesy is all about women's clothing and accessories. You can start selling your items in minutes by snapping some pictures and writing a brief description. When your item sells, Tradesy will send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping box to conveniently send the item to the buyer.

What Does Tradesy Accept? Women's clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories

How Do I Sell Items Through Tradesy? You can easily create a listing on the Tradesy smartphone app. Just take a few photos of the item and write a brief description. Tradesy employees will enhance your photos for better visibility.

What Are the Selling Requirements? Every item must be freshly washed and free of rips, tears, and stains as well as being from a designer brand.

How Are My Items Sold? Users buy items through Tradesy. When your item sells, Tradesy will send you a prepaid shipping box for you to mail the item to the buyer. You can also print your own shipping labels to save some expense!

How Do I Get Paid? You can keep your earnings as Tradesy credit or deposit it into your bank account for a 2.9% processing fee.

Tradesy Tidbits:

  1. Tradesy takes a $7.50 selling fee on items under $50 or a 19.8% fee on items over $50.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark is the largest fashion marketplace for anyone to sell their used designer clothing. Poshmark is one of the few online selling platforms that allows you to list men's clothing. Poshmark works very similarly to Tradesy by having you list your items on a smartphone app and sending you prepaid shipping boxes.

What Does Poshmark Accept? Women's clothing, handbags, shoes, kid's clothing, men's clothing, accessories

How Do I Sell Items Through Poshmark? You can easily create a listing on the Poshmark app for iPhone and Android. It's as easy as taking a photo, creating a description, and naming your price.

What Are the Selling Requirements? Every item must be freshly washed and free of rips, tears, and stains as well as being from a designer brand.

How Are My Items Sold? Buyers use the Poshmark app to shop for items. When your item is sold, Poshmark will send you a pre-addressed shipping box for your convenience.

How Do I Get Paid?  You can use your earnings as Poshmark credit or direct deposit to your bank with no fees.

Poshmark Tidbits: 

  1. Poshmark takes a $2.95 selling fee on items under $15 or a 20% fee on items over $15.
  2. Poshmark hosts Posh Parties around certain items or brands that you can attend to sell specific items more easily. Learn more about Posh Parties here.


4. eBay

Everyone knows about eBay, the world's leading auction site. It's easy to sell items on eBay, and you are in control of pricing, shipping, and other variables. You don't have to worry about designer labels or clothing restrictions. With few exceptions, if you own it, you can sell it on eBay.

What Does eBay Accept? eBay accepts most items to be sold including clothes, shoes, and accessories. Just remember that when you're selling clothes to disclose stains, rips, and tears.

How Do I Sell Items Through eBay? It's simple to sell through eBay. Take a few photos, write a title and description, and name your price. Your listing can be completed in minutes!

How Are My Items Sold? On eBay, you have four basic options for selling your items.

  1. Standard Auction. Name a starting bid and set a time for the auction to last. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins.
  2. Auction with Reserve. It's like an auction, but you can name a price that must be surpassed for the item to sell. If the final bid is below that threshold, the item isn't sold.
  3. Buy It Now. The "Buy It Now" option allows you to name a price for which the item can be purchased, no bidding necessary.
  4. Make Offer. It's like "But It Now," but a buyer can make a counteroffer which you can accept or decline.

How Do I Get Paid? You can request payment in a variety of ways through eBay, but most sellers use PayPal as it is easy and convenient for both the buyer and seller. eBay takes 10% of your final selling price, and PayPal usually takes around 5% to transfer your funds.

Bonus: Social Media

You can also sell your clothing through social media. Facebook marketplace is a great way to connect to buyers in your area that may be looking for higher-end items. You can also post on Instagram using #shopmycloset, and other users can look through your items that are for sale. By using social media, you cut out the middle-man who will take a cut from your profits and you likely won't have to ship your items.

Where do you sell your clothes for cash? Let us know in the comments!

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I sell my clothing between Ebay and Mercari (app) they also have a website. Very easy to list items on Mercari with your phone Free to list and they take 10% from your sale. You don't get paid until the buyer rates you, though if 3 days go by with no rating Mercari auto rates you to release your funds

Wow! I have so many clothes from seasonal sales and gifts so this is very helpful. I love the information on every site, very detailed so i can get some cash from spring cleaning my closet once in a while. The only concern I have is that I might buy some cute items I see.

This is super helpful information! I have a TON of clothes (my weakness), so I'm always cleaning out my closet and looking for ways to make money from items I no longer wear. I've only tried to sell something once on Poshmark without much success, but I think I'll give it another shot!

I can personally vouche for ThredUP and Poshmark - selling at ThredUP isn't amazing because they don't pay out well for common brands (Target, Old Navy), but Poshmark is more user-set and individualized so you get more $$. I also love shopping at both, but that's not really helping with supplemental income... )

This is super helpful. Got a lot of old clothes I can't wear anymore because my life is my job. Can't wear fun clothes...only corporate.

So many great resources! I'm moving soon and am in the process of getting rid of some old clothes. Nice to know that I can make a little money from them, too


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