3 Reasons You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels


3 Reasons You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels

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3 Reasons You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels

Whether you're running a small business, selling your products on Etsy, or simply shipping something for personal reasons, wasted time equals money and hours you can never get back. One way I increased my productivity and simplified the mailing process was by using shipping labels to send out orders.

Whether you sell your products on Etsy, Ebay, or through your own website or email communication, shipping labels can work for your crafty handmade company. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of printing mailing labels yourself!

1. It’s Easy

Almost all selling platforms have a mailing label generating system.

For Etsy sales you can simply go to the transaction page and click “Print Shipping Label” and follow the prompts. The cost of the postage is then added onto your monthly Etsy Bill. The process is similar on PayPal if you choose to use their system.

If your merchandise sale was not completed through Etsy, Ebay, etc. you can still use shipping labels.  PayPal sales have an option on the transaction page to print a mailing label. Other options include using the USPS’ Click n Ship website, registering on Stamps.com, UPS, and FedEx.

It even makes international shipping simple- just follow the instructions, enter all the necessary info and it will all print out on a combined customs form/label. Just make sure to date and sign the form, then attach to your package as you would a domestic

(non-international) label.

2. It Costs Less

The rates that websites like Etsy as well as Paypal and the USPS’ Click-N-Ship offer are actually discounted compared to buying postage at the Post Office counter. The rates are all fairly competitive as far as the discounts go and are still run through the USPS. The savings for printing your labels adds up and can help minimize costs for your business.

3. It Saves Time

Rarely do I now have to wait in line at the Post Office. I definitely appreciate this around the winter holidays when they are incredibly busy. Instead I can either bring my packages to the front counter of the post office (and politely ask to leave it by saying it’s prepaid) or simply drop it in a blue mailbox. It’s also acceptable to put your shipping labeled packages in the large metals bins inside the post office. If you’re unsure about where to leave your parcels just ask!

Also remember to always abide by the rules on the mailbox and never stuff in a package that is too large and might get stuck.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to print your own shipping labels- just a regular printer and some clear packing tape. A lot of people ask me about special sticky labels to print on. These are also a good option but will cost slightly more than just printing on office paper.

Once your label is downloaded and printed out you can just cut around the edges and affix with tape. One tool that I do recommend is buying a small, inexpensive postage scale- this will help you make sure you’re entering the correct item weight on the label.

Have you also used shipping labels to increase productivity?

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Anyone who sells their crafted items online needs to ship them off to their clients and buyers. This article gives you reasons why you should print your own shipping labels, some shipping companies have options on printing labels but it can cost you more money. If you want to save some more cash while you work on your new business venture this is one way you can do that.


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