10 Photography Tips for Great Photos


10 Photography Tips for Great Photos


10 Photography Tips for Great Photos

Photos can make a big difference in a business branding. They are the customer first impression of a creative business like ours. That’s why great photos are important on every avenue you work in such as your website, social media or catalog. Here are a few Photography Tips for Great Photos!

1. Pay attention to the background

Pay attention to the background. Sometimes we are so focused on capturing the photo’s subject that we don’t notice in the background the kid picking his nose, the telephone pole, or the the cluttered living room with all the toys on the floor.

2. Don't wait for perfection

Don’t wait until everything is perfect to take your photo. Spontaneous, unplanned and undirected moments make the best photos. These moments show the most emotions and humanity within us. They capture the story behind the moment and they are the moments worth saving.

3. Think about the Lighting

Think about the Lighting. Light is the key ingredient in a great photo. Good lighting can turn anyone to look like a model from a magazine. It can make or break any photo. Try to use natural light and keep it in front of your subject.

4. Never shoot towards the sun

Never shoot towards the sun. Even with today’s smart phones, taking a photo with a strong light source in front of the camera will result in the camera adjusting to the brightness of the light and the rest of the photo, including your subject, will be dark.

5. Don’t be afraid to zoom in

Don’t be afraid to zoom in. Most of the photos are taken from a distance, which results in loss of details and quality. Move closer or zoom the camera so you’ll get all the details. it’s better to take two photos up close than one photo from a distance.

6. Pay attention to your lens

This is a funny tip but very common. Don’t forget to open the lens cap or if you’re using the phone to move your finger from the lens. Another important tip is clean the lens, especially if you’re using the phone. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking a picture and finding out later the moment is ruined because the lens was smudged or dirty. Who thought getting great photos is as easy as that?

7. Don’t forget the rule of thirds

Don’t forget the rule of thirds. Centering the subject of the photo is a common mistake. When taking a photo always place the subject in the meeting points of the grid. That will result in a better, more pleasing photo to the eye.

8. Focus!

Make sure to find your focus point and pointing your camera at it while adjusting the focus. You don’t want to take a picture where the focus was on the wrong thing. If the camera can’t focus on what you want it might be too dark or too close so adjust the camera settings or your position. Shoot from a slightly different direction or step back just a little will do the trick and guarantee great photos.

9. Take as many photos as possible

Take as many photos as possible. In the past we used to think twice before taking a picture because buying film and developing it cost money. In the digital age we can take as many photos as we want so do! You might be in a place you’re never going to be again so take lots of pictures from different angles, zooms and settings this way you’re sure to get great photos.

10. Go horizontal!

The last tip is for the phone photographer: take photos horizontally! Because we talk and text on the phone holding it vertically we tend to take our photos the same way. Big mistake! When you take pictures with your phone think of it as a camera and use it horizontally. It’s easier to crop a a photo vertically from a horizontal photo and this way you’ll get more of the background which is important in views and even people if you want to have more context.

Follow these Photography Tips for Great Photos and lift your business to the next level.

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A lot of these tips are really helpful, especially for those of us without a lot of photography experience. Not waiting for perfection is my favorite. Some of my favorite photos of my loved ones and myself are candids. Another tip that sounds silly is to make sure you're actually standing still the whole time you're capturing the photograph. I never noticed I tend to take photos and move too quickly after clicking the button until my mom pointed it out once. That was embarrassing!

I was hopeless when it came to taking photographs of my work that I considered maybe I didn't have a good eye. Even when I had a great camera or phone lens, I didn't pay attention to lighting, background or focus. I noticed that when I used the features to change the focus, I got better pictures. Thanks for sharing these tips.

I take photos quite often of items that I make for my Etsy store then try to use those photos to promote on social media sites to draw people over to my store in hopes of making sales and networking. I found several of your tips useful and hope this will improve my photography technique.

Amazing tips! So many things I never thought of.

The tip about not waiting for perfection is a great reminder. In fact, some of my favorite photos are candid shots of friends and family!

These are basic tips, but so important for people who are just getting into photography! (AKA me.) For example, it's amazing how much better a photo looks when you apply the rule of thirds than when you just take a straight shot of something. And lighting can make the difference between a good photo and a bad photo!


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