How to Schedule Time for Peace and Productivity


How to Schedule Time for Peace and Productivity


How to Schedule Time for Peace and Productivity

There's never a good time to start a new schedule. It's always inconvenient, and the transition can be a little rough. But in the end, scheduling time for peace and productivity is a great way to stay focused, maximize your time, and maybe even earn some extra income.

In the fall, many people start working on new schedules. Even if no one in your household is going back to school this fall, the post-summer schedule reset is an opportunity to build new routines!

That’s why the September issues of magazines are full of tips for streamlining your mornings. You want to get out the door in less time, with less stress.

It’s not a bad idea.

We’d all be calmer if we kept our cell phones and keys in specific locations by the doors we generally walk out. Waking up to already-brewed coffee saves time and hassle. But in all this talk of streamlining schedules, we risk viewing mornings as things to be endured – one more unpleasant part of life to endure. I think this is a mistake.

As you think through your morning routine, it’s worth asking this question: what could I do that would turn morning hours into presents to myself?

Maximize Your Morning Time

If you love to read, claiming 30 quiet morning minutes to read whatever you like can start the day in a promising place.

If you and your partner don’t spend enough time together, early morning hours can be a chance for a daily date. If your days are full of meeting other people’s needs, a few minutes spent doing nothing can be equally grand.

Whatever your choice, these are minutes you can have for yourself, before the rest of the world takes over.

Begin with Bliss, End with Success

I find that if you start the day with something blissful. After all, the reason to get everyone moving and where they’re supposed to be is so you can focus on whatever you need or want to be doing.

You want to start accomplishing things, but if you’ve already accomplished something, then it’s all good! Morning by morning, all you need is there, propelling you through the day.

Make the Most of Your Evenings

Don’t stop at morning routines. What about the routines you have in the early evening when everyone is returning home? How do you handle dinner, homework and bath time?

Is it a time of stress and chaos or is it a pleasant and relaxing time with family getting things done in a calm and productive way?

Treat Yourself Throughout the Day

Every day can’t be pure bliss but if you find little gifts to give yourself (and your family members too!) the day becomes less about just trying to get through the week until the weekend and more about small moments that you want to savor.

How do you schedule time for peace and productivity?

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I've always been a morning person, I get alot accomplished from the moment I wake up to about noon so I really plan my day ahead of time. I love the idea of not viewing your mornings as another unpleasant experience to get over and I agree. I look forward to my morning time because it's my most productive time and when I can schedule in more activities.

I just found your site and decided to surf over a few of the topics and found this one about how to schedule time for peace and productivity. I know everyone has the same amount of time in their day as everyone else, but some people can get more accomplished during those hours than others. I look forward to reading these tips.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that peace and productivity are a big part of being thrifty, but you definitely need to recharge in order to keep going

This article is a great reminder that life doesn't always need to be go-go-go. Sometimes it's nice to just stop and smell the roses!

I love the idea of scheduling time to be productive, but I always have trouble sticking with it. But, I like the suggestion to read for 30 minutes in the morning - I think I could manage that!

I like to schedule an hour each day for writing, typically in the middle of the day. I also try to meditate for 20-minute intervals 3-5 days a week. I don't make it a rigid schedule, as I find this is easier... just XX of days per week in case something comes up.


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